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Climate Action: ACT Ethiopia Forum’s first E-Booklet highlighting member organizations’ initiatives to enhance climate resilience.

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Amhara -

We are delighted to present and introduce you to the first of AEF’s E-booklets on behalf of the ACT Ethiopia Forum member organizations and our active engagement in the Act Ethiopia Forum- Communicators Community of Practice (AEF-CCoP). The AEF’s E-booklet is a publication that aims to promote collaboration among AEF member organizations and highlight member organization effort towards achieving the sustainable development goal.

In keeping with the worldwide observance of International Mother Earth Day on April 22, we chose the first digest theme to be “Climate Action” featuring the AEF member organizations interventions in Ethiopia. Through various interventions, AEF members share their individual contributions in enhancing climate resilience. 

In light of this, CET is proud to emphasize in this e-publication, how our EJR and EDJR initiatives in Woldiya town and Borana zone, respectively, have contributed to climate action.

Enjoy your readings!