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Cordaid Successfully Concluded the RESET Plus Innovation Fund Project with Final Event


Cordaid Ethiopia officially closed the RESET Plus Innovation Fund project with its final event held at the Hilton Addis Ababa Hotel on November 14th, 2023.

The concluded event marked the culmination of a four-year initiative funded by the European Union, aimed at showcasing the innovative outcomes and research findings achieved through this project. The initiative, implemented in 42 woredas across five regions of Ethiopia, focused on enhancing sustainable livelihoods and bolstering resilience in vulnerable communities.

During the course of the initiative, 13 innovation projects were executed by Lead Implementing Partners (IPs) and Co-implementers, complemented by five comprehensive research studies conducted by four esteemed universities in Ethiopia. These efforts yielded significant progress in influencing existing systems and fostering sustainable change within the targeted regions.

Financial support was extended to both innovators and researchers, resulting in successful implementation of innovative practices by the 13 lead applicants and their co-partners. Additionally, four universities received research grants, contributing valuable insights and data to inform the initiative’s outcomes.

To formally conclude the RESET Plus Innovation Fund, Cordaid organized a final closing workshop and innovation fair. The workshop aimed to summarize the implementation of innovations and research, unveil research findings, facilitate collaboration and networking, and explore avenues for scaling up and replicating successful initiatives.

The workshop comprised sessions featuring presentations of research findings, an innovation fair, interactive Q&A sessions, and panel discussions. Eminent government officials and decision-makers were invited to partake in policy discussions, providing a platform for stakeholders to disseminate outcomes, foster collaborations, and discuss the potential for scaling up successful innovation practices.

“We are immensely proud to convene government officials, donors, partners, and diverse stakeholders for this final event, showcasing the remarkable outcomes achieved through the RESET Plus Innovation Fund,” expressed Zerihun Kassa, RESET Project Officer.

The workshop welcomed 113 participants, representing government ministries, regional government bureaus, IPs, co-partners, researchers, university heads, donors, and private sector organizations. The event facilitated knowledge dissemination, presentation of research findings, networking opportunities, identification of scaling-up prospects, policy influence, and insights guiding future research directions.