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Conflict Risk Reduction and Youth

Project Peace, Security and Justice
Argobba -

Argobba is an area where there are local conflicts due to lack of access to rangeland, farmland and water, which are aggravated by climate change. Conflict and related displacements diminish people’s capacity to cope with natural disaster risks. The conflict risk reduction and youth project works to enhance and link the capacities of local communities, governments and other actors to conduct conflict risk analysis and plan conflict risk reduction measures.

City / Region
Argobba/Amhara Region
Cordaid International
Project Duration
01/06/2020 – 30/09/2021
Thematic Area
Peace, Security and Justice
Sustainable Development Goals
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Project Objectives

  1. Enhance capacity of local civil society organisations and local government staff to use the
    conflict risk analysis tool and the conflict risk reduction process.
  2. Enable communities to implement conflict risk reduction measures, linking with resilience
    building interventions.
  3. Document best practices & lessons learned, for knowledge management & learning, advocacy
    and acquisition.