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Drought Emergency Response


Oromia region is one of the most impacted locations, with 1,553,649 people living in 70 districts throughout seven Zones (Borena, Guji and west Guji, East and West Bale, Arsi and west Arsi), all of whom are seriously afflicted and in need of immediate help. The hardest hit Bale Zones by cattle losses and poor harvests are Borena and both of them. Over 100,500 animal deaths have occurred in the two zones as of November 30, 2021, with Borena suffering the greatest losses. Due to the desert locust and earlier insufficient rainfall, the current emergency added to the already various problems that were already there.

Implementation Area
Oromia Region
Kerk in Actie
Thematic Area
Humanitarian Aid
Project Start Date – End Date
May 15, 2022 – August 15, 2022
Kerk in Actie

A 72% productivity loss caused by the combined effects of the drought and desert locusts directly impacted the lives and livelihoods of 248,941 HHs in the zones. The consortium planned to implement the project in Madda Walabu and Arero districts, where EECMY DASSC will provide food item support to Madda Walabu Woreda, Bale Zone, and HUNDEE will do the same in Arero district, Borena Zone, while Cordaid will manage the multi-purpose cash transfer in both Woredas, despite the fact that the target community members have a lot of needs that need to be addressed. With their respective Zones, HUNDEE and EECMY DASSC both signed operation agreements, and the project has already begun.

People That We Work With

The project targeted 800 Households (4800 people) in the Oromia region.


The goal is to support severely impacted households in the Hallona and Haro-Dimtu kebeles of the Arero District of the Borana Zone and the Barisa and Hara haji kebeles of the Madda Walabu District of the Bale Zone with multipurpose cash.


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