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Performance-based financing in Borana zone

Project Health System Strengthening
Borana -

Since 2015, performance-based funding (PBF) has worked to improve local communities’ and partners’ civil society partners’ capacity to carry out the most suitable and reasonably priced health system strengthening activities in Borana. In order to improve the quantity, quality, and accessibility of healthcare in the isolated community of Borana, Cordaid Ethiopia set out to test PBF.

At first, the Borana zone’s one hospital and eight health centres spread throughout four woredas participated. The initial project phase lasted until the middle of 2018. The project was expanded into a second and third phase based on its initial success. 44 health centres and 4 hospitals are currently included in the list of PBF-covered establishments in the Borana zone.

Implementation Area
Borana / Oromia Region
Government of the Netherlands – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thematic Area
Health Care
Project Start Date – End Date
January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2022
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ethiopia

PBF strives to raise patient satisfaction with the availability, usability, and calibre of healthcare services. Additionally, it encourages the development of a community’s health workforce that is professional, patient-focused, motivated, and caring. Because it enables the facilities that provide health care services to make the best use of the funding that is available, and this strategy improves openness and accountability within those organisations.

People That We Work With

The implementation of the project will benefit a total of 488.556 persons who reside in the catchment area of (maximum) 25 targeted health facilities (or a total of 793,365 people, if we take the total catchment population of the two hospitals included in Phase II).


To strengthen the overall health system and increase access to high-quality primary and secondary healthcare in the Borana Zone (Oromia Region, Ethiopia), in order to promote the gradual attainment of universal health coverage (SDG 3.8) in this region.


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