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Resilience Building and Creation of Economic Opportunities in Ethiopia (RESET II Innovation Fund)

Project Food and income
Afar -

Ethiopia is an emerging economy facing dynamic and recurring challenges such as climate induced shocks, land degradation, unemployment, limited diversification in agriculture and absence of strong and long-term social support mechanisms. Resilience can no longer be only understood in terms of traditional farming, disaster risk management or basic social services at community level.

Afar Region, Amhara Region, Oromia Region, Somali Region and SNNP Region
European Union
Thematic Area
Food and Income
Project Period
16/05/2019 – 15/11/2022
Sustainable Development Goals
Zero Hunger, Decent Work and Economic Growth

The Innovation Fund puts more attention and invest on social innovation in the development and humanitarian sectors in the country. The Fund is integrating the transformation of traditional rural livelihoods systems with the opening to markets, growing urbanization process and new demands from youth and women.

Target beneficiaries

Target groups include those that are contributing to social innovation and resilience, and in particular, potential innovators who are legally registered as non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, including grassroots community-based organisations like cooperatives, women’s associations or youth associations/clubs, national universities or research institutions and private partners that are interested in promoting innovation in the RESET Programme clusters.

The target of the project is to reach 20,000 individuals of which half are women.

Project Objectives

  1. Increase innovative solutions to resilience building
  2. Increased knowledge and learning on social innovation for resilience building