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Strengthening the Health System in the North Achefer Woreda, West Gojjam Zone (Amhara Region) Through Performance Based Financing


Cordaid began demonstrating Performance Based Financing in the dry and pastoralist Borana zone of the Oromia region in Ethiopia on May 1, 2015. Initially in 4 Borana districts with 9 health facilities, and then it began to expand to 8 Borana districts with a total of 25 health facilities on July 2018. Halfway through 2018, Cordaid was invited by the Netherlands Embassy to develop a four-year proposal and budget for expanding PBF in Jimma’s rural coffee growing zone. On the 1st of April 2019, the Embassy approved the four-year project plan. The project was established and personnel were recruited and trained throughout the first six months. The health facilities were contracted under PBF for the first quarter, which ran from October to December 2019.

Implementation Area
Amhara Region
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ethiopia
Thematic Area
Health Care
Project Start Date – End Date
November 1, 2021- March 31, 2022
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ethiopia

People That We Work With

The project targeted 260,000 inhabitants in the West Gojjam Zone, the west Gojjam health department, woreda health office and finance and economic cooperation office, and 8 primary health care units (PHCUs) and a district hospital.


To strengthen the overall health system and increase access to high-quality basic and secondary healthcare in the West Gojjam Zone (Amhara Region, Ethiopia), in order to promote the gradual attainment of universal health coverage (SDG 3.8) in this region.


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