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Youth Employment for Resilience Building


Youth employment for resilience development is a project to be executed in Madda Walabu district, Bale Zone, and Oromia region. The project sought to improve the soft skills and vocational training of 800 jobless or underemployed youngsters so they could find both wage and self-employment. In three years, the project will be jointly implemented by three organizations: Cordaid-Hundee-EECMY-DASSC. Cordaid contributes to the project’s implementation through its knowledge of managing incubation centers, offering entrepreneurial training, and mentoring programs. 301,122 EUR were allotted as the project’s budget.

Implementation Area
Madda Walabu / Bale Zone / Oromia Region
Kerk in Actie
Thematic Area
Private Sector Development
Project Start Date – End Date
December 1, 2021- November 30, 2024
HUNDEE Oromo Grassroots Development Initiative, Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus – Development and Social Services Commission

People That We Work With

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 who are actively looking for work are the project’s target audience. Males and females who are married or single have an equal chance of profiting from the project. The project’s 800 teenagers and 1700 women, who are divided into 78 groups, are its primary beneficiaries.


To assist with the long-term transformation of youth in the Madda Walabu district from being unemployed to being active citizens and role models for change through behavioral interventions, skill development, and facilitating access to market-based solutions.


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