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The Internship Story: Lidya Berhe


Our internship programme started on 2019. Its aim is to bring in young talents to contribute innovative approaches to Cordaid. The programme also strives to provide young professionals to gain a valuable work experience and encourages young females to be involved in the development and relief programmes. That is how Lidya came to Cordaid Ethiopia.

Lidya has studied her elementary education in Addis Ababa at Vision Academy. After finishing her elementary school, her family moved to Mekelle and she followed her secondary education there.  “I wanted to study Law while in high school” says Lidya when she explains her study of choice in university. “The law and order of the society fascinated me, and I wanted to explore more by going into law school. That’s why I was chose to study law at Mekelle University.”

“What makes Cordaid special is the talented and committed staff it has from different backgrounds.”

After completing her LLB, Lidya was made aware of an internship opportunity in Cordaid. “My friend forwarded me the job description and I remember reading it and thinking ‘this will suit me.’ Because that job description matched my interest very well and it was the path I wanted to take for my future career.”

After successfully completing her internship period, Lidya is now working as a programme assistant. “What makes Cordaid special is the talented and committed staff it has from different backgrounds. I am learning a lot from everyone. Moreover, as the projects we have are from different thematic areas, there’s always something new to learn.”

In 2020, Cordaid Ethiopia has implemented a project called Selam Ahun (Peace Now) with the aim to increase the involvement of women in peacebuilding at the community as well as regional level. Selam Ahun closely worked with traditional justice structures to strengthen their role in conflict management and peace building. Lidya played her role in the implementation and successful completion of the project. “I always wanted to work on gender equality, peace, and security. When Selam Ahun was accepted to be launched as a project, I was very happy. The project allowed me to contribute to a cause I hold dear, and I was encouraged by the results it produced. My hope is we continue to do projects that encourage women and girls.