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What we do

Cordaid Ethiopia works in food and income, health care, peace, security and justice, humanitarian aid, and private sector development . Through these interventions we work on health system strengthening, creating sustainable livelihoods, job creation and resilience building. Our programmes aim to reduce inequality, food insecurity, unemployment, health care insufficiency and disaster related risks.


Humanitarian Assistance

Our humanitarian aid programmes aim to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity. These programmes work to address the basic needs of the most vulnerable people affected by natural and human made disasters. Cordaid Ethiopia strives to strengthen communities in fragile areas through mechanisms which enable them to cope with future crises and reduce their vulnerability.

Photo: Petterik Wiggers

Health Systems Strengthening

In the Ethiopian health sector, Cordaid Ethiopia works on system strengthening through the performance-based financing (PBF) approach. PBF specifically purposes to improve health services for the poorest and most vulnerable people, especially those in isolated, rural areas. It also gives a special consideration for the needs of adolescents and young people.

Private Sector Development

Our private sector development (PSD) programmes focus on creating inclusive economic opportunity for the youth. The key elements of Cordaid Ethiopia’s PSD projects are youth employment, value chain development, skill training, entrepreneurship, innovation and women’s economic empowerment.

Food and Income: Building Sustainable Livelihoods

Our programmes under this strive to reduce food insecurity and increase household income by reducing disaster risks and increasing productivity of farmers and pastoralists. We support farmers and pastoralists through different methods to sustainably enhance their outputs, grow their businesses and adopt healthy and nutritious production while protecting their environment from degradation.

Peace, security and justice

Our interventions here contribute to women becoming more involved in peace building at the community level as well as their regional level initiatives to play a critical role in national dialogue on peace building and tolerance. We work towards enhancing and strengthening access and utility to justice service for women and promote women’s rights and their role in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in targeted areas.