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Health care

Strengthening healthcare systems to deliver quality services

Health is a basic human right. Cordaid works to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare services of high quality.

In Ethiopia, Cordaid strengthens healthcare systems through the performance-based financing (PBF) approach to increase the quality and quantity of health care services. Cordaid has long been a pioneer in implementing this financing approach in multiple countries. With PBF, the financing of health facilities is directly linked to their quarterly performance, leading to increased transparency and accountability.

A doctor giving service and advise to a patient

PBF health care in Borana and Jimma

In 2015, Cordaid started a PBF showcase project in Borana, in close collaboration with the Oromia Regional Health Bureau and the Borana Zonal Health Department. After three years, substantial improvement was observed in the access to care, the quality of care and the reliability of data. Based on these promising results, PBF was scaled up and now covers the entire Borana and Jimma zones.

PBF enables health facilities not only to increase the sustainability of the health system but also allows them to respond to the health needs of the most vulnerable populations with better quality healthcare services.

PBF works towards developing healthcare facilities to provide a strong, responsive and sustainable healthcare system in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Visit Omo Nada Hospital in Jimma:

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