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Humanitarian aid

Enabling equitable access to humanitarian response, disaster preparedness and resilient recovery.

We address the basic needs of the most vulnerable people in the most fragile areas. Our aims are twofold: to save lives and to strengthen communities in coping with future crises. This includes our COVID-19 response, enabling quality emergency services, building resilient and sustainable recovery systems.

Triple nexus approach

The triple nexus project links humanitarian aid interventions in fragile areas with activities that enhance community resilience to conflict risks. The humanitarian aid component of this approach addresses the temporary urgent basic needs for water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), food and basic livelihood restoration for the affected people. The resilience component ensures that the basic needs are achieved through sustainable WASH services and livelihood support for communities affected. Mainstreaming conflict resolution activities also allow conflict affected people to have improved access to basic services and livelihood support. Addressing Needs of Returning Conflict-Affected IDPs in Somali region is our prominent project being implemented currently.

Humanitarian Aid Booklet 2022