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Peace, security and justice

Peaceful, just and inclusive societies are necessary to achieve sustainable development. Conflicts, on the other hand, have detrimental impacts on citizens in achieving growth and economic prosperity. Absence of long-term solutions for conflicts will drive countries into deeper poverty and fragility.

As often experienced, women and girls bear the brunt to conflict and insecurity the most as they become displaced, lose their sources of income, become targets of gender-based violence and in many instances suffer mental and psychological trauma. Through this thematic intervention, we work towards improving women’s access to and utility of the formal justice institutions. Moreover, we provide specific support to build the capacity of informal justice structures to improve the participation of women in conflict resolution and peace building. 

A picture of a mother and a child in the Amhara Region

Our work also supports governments, civil society and communities to work together to implement lasting solutions to reduce violence, deliver justice and ensure inclusive participation at all times. We contribute to the national peacebuilding effort by recognizing and promoting the importance of community managed conflict resolution mechanisms.