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Who we are

Cordaid opened its office in Ethiopia in 2006. Our programming initially focused on disaster risk management. In 2015 we expanded our work to different sectors. Currently, Cordaid Ethiopia implements humanitarian aid, health care, private sector development and food and income programmes in close collaboration with our local partners.

Through our projects we work to address the causes of fragility. We support local communities, service providers and frontline aid workers in creating food security, building climate resilience, strengthening health systems and promoting peace, security and gender equality.

Cordaid International

Cordaid is an internationally operating value-based emergency relief and development organization, working in and on fragility. We support local communities in their efforts to improve healthcare, food security, education, security and justice. Where disasters strike, we offer humanitarian assistance. Our multi-stakeholder approach seeks and promotes alliances of civil society organizations, as well as the public and the private sectors. We focus on local agents for change and implement innovative digital and financial methods to increase the impact of interventions.