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About us

Cordaid Ethiopia works for and with those hit hardest by poverty and conflict. Our support helps them to build communities that flourish in equitability and resilience. The crises that challenge our communities include the consequences of climate change, increasing inequalities and wealth disparity, armed conflict and food insecurity. Through our programmes, we are committed to reduce the effects of these crises on the communities we serve.

Our mission

Inspired by compassion, solidarity and subsidiarity, we see it as our mission to reduce fragility and the vulnerability of people where it is most needed and most difficult: in fragile and conflict-affected societies.

We envisage a world where the basics of a life in dignity are available to all, where the poorest and the most excluded can influence the decision that affect them. Where each person is free to flourish and can live in peace.

Our Values


We take responsibility for our actions, behaviours, performance, and decisions in a transparent and trusting manner, and we hold others accountable for theirs too.


We empathise with the interests of others, and accept people for who they are, recognising their rights and desires, so they feel safe and are free to express themselves


We are aware of and feel responsible for the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. Sustainability is paramount in everything we do.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in the unique contribution each person can make, and include everyone equally regardless of their background, orientation, or profile.

Where we work

With our partners, we work in different regions of Ethiopia. In the country’s largest region, Oromia, we implement integrated programmes that include our three main thematic areas. In the Amhara region, we work on job security and education, conflict risk reduction, desert locus resilience building and COVID-19 humanitarian response. Also in the northern region of Tigray, we are part of a humanitarian joint response. In Somali we work on a number of programmes, including ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction.

Programmatic focus

Cordaid Ethiopia, being operational since 2006, initially focused on disaster risk management. Through these programmes, we enabled local communities to develop the capacity to deal with unexpected man-made and natural disasters.

In 2015, we expanded our work to different sectors, including health care. We strengthen the health care system in fragile areas and vulnerable communities. This includes strengthening the capacity of healthcare service providers to deliver comprehensive and quality healthcare service for their communities.

Photo: Petterik Wiggers/Hollandse Hoogte

Currently, Cordaid Ethiopia implements projects in humanitarian aid, health care, private sector development and food and income in close collaboration with local partners.

Within these sectors, we focus on health system strengthening, food security and livelihoods, job creation, women, peace and security, resilience building, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CORDAID Ethiopia’s goal?

CORDAID’s goal is to reduce fragility and the vulnerability of people where it is most needed and most difficult.

What does the acronym CORDAID stand for?

CORDAID stands for Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid.

How can I get updates about Cordaid Ethiopia’s work?

We constantly update our website and you can also follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information.

How can I apply for a job or find internship opportunities at Cordaid Ethiopia?

You can always check our vacancies page.

How do I get to your offices?

We are located in Bole subcity, on the way to Gerji from Bole, at around Bole Homes near Genet Chefe Grocery